Floor Manager :

experience 5 yr +

  • Supervise staff.
  • Train staff to perform allocated roles.
  • Manage inventory.
  • Assist customers with any queries or requests.
  • Administer pay slips to staff.

Pattern Master :

experience 10 yr +

  • Measuring, cutting, and designing patterns in the material required.
  • Double-checking the pattern dimensions and style. Sending the initial
  • pattern for a manufacture check.
  • Meeting with designers to review the final product.

Quality Manager :

experience 5 yr +

  • Reviewing customer feedback and understanding customer demands and expectations of products and services.
  • Managing waste in production and improving efficiency within production processes.
  • Creating production plans for new products with a focus on quality.

Cutting Supervisor :

experience 5 yr to 7 yr +

  • Record cutting data every day.
  • Check the result of cut & check all fabric & Garment details to be read for cutting.
  • Provide consumption quantity to cutting operator.
  • Provide information to warehouse if found in appropriate fabric or garment.

Packing Incharge :

experience 5 yr +

  • Ensure packing as per buyer’s instruction (ratio, assortment, poly bag quality, tagging style, marking or labeling cartons etc)
  • Complete packing an order before final inspection.
  • Preparing packing list and forward it respective merchants / production managers.

Electrical Mechanic :

experience 5 yr +

  • Ensure all electrical equipments are maintained and repaired periodically

Store Person Trim & Fabric :

experience 5 yr +

  • managing the fabric store and trims store.

Accountant & HR Person :

experience 5  to 7 yr +

Merchandiser :

Experience 2 yr or Fresher can apply

  • Internal & external communication,
  • Sampling,
  • Labdips,
  • Accessories & trims,
  • Preparing internal order sheets,
  • Preparing purchase orders,
  • Advising and assisting production,
  • Advising quality department about quality level,

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